Novulo is the founder of prescriptive low-code. This fundamentally different approach to software delivery offers organizations the foundation to innovate continuously and modernize strategic applications. The strength lies in the combination of reusable best-of-breed solutions with fast software development on one platform. As a result, all business processes are integrated in one application and data flows through every process without any problems. With re-usability and maintainability as philosophy and a platform architecture offering endless but architected flexibility, prescriptive low-code provides organizations with a software architecture to improve their business, enabling them to quickly adapt to changing circumstances.

For more than 15 years, we’ve been helping organizations retain control of their futures. Our unique software platform is the outcome of our own idiosyncratic ideas about the role of software in business operations. The platform ensures that organizations never again get snarled up in their own IT and helps stimulate innovation. With the Novulo platform, organizations model their future and are able to improve their business operations on a daily basis. The customer portfolio includes Air France, Municipality of Enschede, Kamera Express, and KLM. The Novulo platform has been implemented in more than 200 businesses where it is making the difference. In so doing, the way software is used within organizations is being redefined. To fulfill this ambition, we are always on the lookout for need new talent.

Working for Novulo means working in an ambitious and dynamic team with interesting clients and challenging projects. We are a forward-thinking group of people who have adopted an innovative approach to looking at the way in which organizations tackle their IT. This may sometimes mean blazing new trails, but more than anything, it entails creating an inspirational work setting with ample scope for new ideas. For more information about our platform or career opportunities go to of follow us on Linkedin.

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RichPort is the southern part of the Schiphol-Rijk area. Conveniently situated near the A4 highway, bordering on Schiphol AirPort and Amsterdam. With several busstops in the park, a 10 minute commute to Schiphol and train station RichPort is within everyone's (daily) reach.


Beechavenue 2,
1119 PT Schiphol-Rijk



RichPort Community.

An active community needs a Community Management. That's why RichPort has a full time Community Manager who works around the clock to organise activities that bring the people in the park together. And that's me! Demi Nasser. Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding park activities and facilities. For all Park Management related topics, please contact Tiffany Graf.

Demi Nasser

Community Manager

06 15 14 56 24

Tiffany Graf


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