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Do you work at Business Park RichPort? And do you have to walk a while from the bus stop to your workplace? Then you can rent a shared bike free of charge from 1 July 2022. It's fast, super convenient and free. 

What is a shared bike?

A shared bicycle is a bicycle that you can rent for a single ride and do not necessarily have to return it at the same place. Shared bikes have a smart lock that you can unlock with an app, after which you can cycle on it.


Who can participate?

RichPort and Flickbike are conducting a trial with 20 shared bicycles at Schiphol-Rijk until December 2022. Participating is simple. You only need a smartphone and an e-mail address. We then have to use the email addresses that we have in our database. How do we best approach that?


How does it work?

1. Download the Flickbike app on your smartphone.

2. Sign up once with your business email address

3. Check the map in the app to see where a bicycle is.

4. Hold your phone to the lock and start cycling!

5. Finished your ride? Lock your bike for the next user


Download the Flickbike app for Apple here

Download the Flickbike app for Android here


Where can you rent a shared bike?

We will start with one central distribution point at the South Junction Busstop (Fokkerweg).

Where do you leave the bike?

You do not have to return the bicycle to the distribution point. Leave him in the work area and lock him. The rental of your bike ends automatically and the bike is released to the next user.


Everyone can share bikes

Click here for a step-by-step explanation of how it works. From downloading the app to renting the bike.


Where can you go with suggestions and complaints?

If a bicycle is broken or in the way, please email Flickbike at info@flickbike.nl.

Does your company also want to participate in the trial or do you have a suggestion, please email info@richport.nl


Why a trial with shared bicycles?

Good accessibility by public transport is important for travelers, companies and employees at Schiphol-Rijk. Together with the Transport Region and carriers, we are working on good, fast and frequent connections. The HOV (high-quality public transport) buses run faster and more frequently, but stop at fewer stops. RichPort is investigating in this trial whether shared bicycles are a good addition to the last part of the journey to the workplace.

Flickbike in 6 steps

Download this pdf that explains how to use the app and Flickbike in 6 easy to follow steps: