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Updated: Feb 24

The ATPI Group delivers world-leading corporate travel and events solutions to organisations operating in a variety of specialist sectors around the world.

The aim that unites every brand, sector, service and strategy is to deliver what really matters to every single one of our customers.

The ATPI brands:

ATPI Corporate Travel / Direct ATPI

ATPI Corporate Travel is one of the world’s leading brands in corporate travel management. By providing support to travellers, insight to key stakeholders and value to the bottom line in a way that enhances every corporate’s unique culture, we ensure that your organisation gets to where it needs to be and can focus on what it needs to do by handling all travel services in your local market.

ATPI Marine & Energy

ATPI Marine & Energy is an international leader in providing travel to the energy and shipping sectors. Offering solutions tailored to energy and marine organisations, alongside 24/7 expertise and innovative technology, ATPI Marine & Energy operates with cost, efficiency and safety at the forefront of every travel strategy.

ATPI Mining & Resources

ATPI Mining & Resources specialises in providing travel for mining organisations. Each of our travel services has been created to meet the complex challenges faced by those operating in the sector, making the movement of crew and personnel across the globe more secure, more compliant and more efficient. ATPI Mining & Resources combines sector-leading travel technology with a wealth of industry experience in order to deliver what really matters to mining organisations around the world.

ATPI Corporate Events

ATPI Corporate Events’ 25 years of events experience, global network and purchasing power, proprietary technology and team of events specialists all combine to make us one of the industry's leading events agencies. No matter the (digital / online) event or project, the objective or the size of your team, we manage the concept, the creation, the communication and every stage in between, so that when the big day arrives, you and your guests are free to enjoy it.

ATPI Sports Events

ATPI Sports Events’ 25 years of experience of working alongside athletes, international sports teams, organising committees and federations means we have in-depth knowledge of the logistics of sporting events such as the Volvo Ocean Race, the Commonwealth Games and the Olympic Games. Whether you’re looking to overcome the challenges of sponsorship activation, travel logistics, programme design, registration, stakeholder management or group ticketing and travel, our team of sports specialists are on hand, ready to find a solution.



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