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First Class First Bootcamp!

Tuesday October 7th, 16:30 hours

Despite the fact that due to Covid-19 most offices at RichPort are closed or working with a skeletal crew a few handful of die hard employees attended the first RichPort Re-Bootcamp. A few last minute cancellations and pouring rain could not ruin the atmosphere. The session was simply moved to the Vision Plaza parking garage.

A big shout out to the people present from Azerion, Euronics and BT Makelaars!

The RichPort Re-Bootcamp is hosted by Tom and Rüben of Kettlebell Outdoor Amsterdam. They provide music, equipment and energetic coaching that will make you push your boundaries. To make sure everyone was kept hydrated properly free RichPort water bottles with infused water were provided.

Stay tuned for an invitation to the next session. If you haven't received one in the past, please contact Demi Nasser ( and get yourself added to the mailing list. She will keep you updated on all future activities at the park.

You can also like our RichPort Facebook page,

Instagram and regularly check this website.

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