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Game Night @ The Sandwich Hub!

The Sandwich Hub Game Night has been a success for some time now.

Time to make it a monthly affair at every two first Fridays of the month.

That means the first two Game Nights will be held at the 2nd and 9th of October.

The secret of our success is pleasant people, good food & drinks and of course challenging games.

Everyone working at RichPort (Park-Rijk) and looking to attribute to pleasant company is welcome!

Costs: € 25 per person / per evening (all in - dinner, drinks & bites)

Location: Sandwich Hub, Boeing Avenue 213, Schiphol-Rijk

Time: Any time from 16:30 hours, at your convenience!

We play a wide variety of games, like Pictionary, Risk and Shuffle Board,

but participation in team formats of at least 4 people is possible too.

More information and sign-up, contact Joeri Kraaijestein on his mobile:

+31 6 41222185

He will send you a mobile payment request, and you're in!

PS. All games are held in accordance to RIVM Corona-guidelines.

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