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Kazem Aesthetica

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Kazem Aesthetica is a leading, luxurious aesthetic clinic founded by doctor Farid Kazem, a world-renowned certified plastic surgeon with a refined taste for beauty and wellbeing.

His personalized service and impeccable results paired with decades of experience have made him a master in the industry.

As an industry leader and pioneer, doctor Kazem has introduced several treatments to the Netherlands. In November 2009 for example, he was the first to introduce CoolSculpting, a unique treatment which removes fat cells through cooling.

Because of his unique expertise, doctor Kazem still trains renowned plastic surgeons worldwide on the latest CoolSculpting updates and techniques.

In addition to his unique pain-free breast correction techniques, doctor Kazem and the Kazem Aesthetica family ensure that all their patients receive a five-star service and exceptional results. They offer them a complementary lifelong follow-up.

They have a variety of treatments to ensure they are covering their patients’ complete wellbeing through non-invasive and surgical procedures.

For more information about Kazem Aesthetica and to book a consultation with doctor Kazem, visit or call 0172 509 075.

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