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Looking back at the RichPort Food Festival

Updated: Dec 22, 2021

You can't have missed it… the food truck that spoiled us at the park for seven weeks. Maybe you've heard stories from colleagues, seen groups of people eating, or you've been there yourself and are now wondering: when will the next food festival be held? Good question… But first let us explain who is behind this and why 'we' are doing this…

As you may know, RichPort has its own board that organizes all kinds of amenities for us. But the nice thing is that this specific initiative comes from a tenant, a project developer and a few real estate owners at the park. Azerion is one of the most involved and active tenants on RichPort. Not at all surprising when you consider that they are active in digital entertainment and media. An industry in which a lot of young talent is attracted and as an employer you also have to do a lot to stay ahead in the war-for-talent. To give you an idea: Azerion is located at the Beechavenue (Euro Building), but will soon move to the former McAfee office. This office is currently being redeveloped by RED Concepts. A project developer known for its progressive office and residential concepts. It is this party that (on behalf of Azerion) together with two owners (SQM Offices and the Magnus Group) of several buildings at RichPort, who have taken up the gauntlet to organize something for the RichPort tenants. After some brainstorming, that became the RichPort Food Festival.

We already knew from several surveys that were held among the people at the park that there is a continuing demand for good food at RichPort. We already knew that the buildings are at some distance from each other and that it is difficult for people to get out. That is why it was decided to choose two different locations for the food truck. Tuesday at the Boeingavenue 30/50-68 and Thursday at the Beechavenue 2-100. Of course, the real enthusiasts walked to both locations on both days… A few only discovered on the last day that there was a food truck at the park. A bit of a shame, of course, but it is also not easy for the organization to reach everyone. That's why it's important to follow the RichPort Facebook page! Nevertheless, the turnout was large and the reactions were positive. One visitor commented critically that initiatives in the park in the form of restaurants and food events had been shown more often, but that these were often short-lived. He also added: “A fun and tasty initiative. Hopefully a lasting one!”

STACKS was chosen for the food truck. The name comes from 'stacking', in other words: to stack. This is reflected in the menu, which contains a multitude of burgers with the most delicious combinations. Even vegans get their money's worth. For example with a burger with Jackfruit ribs and BBQ marinade. And the real meat eaters can go wild on the Mister Blue. Herresford beef burger, blue cheese, pear chutney and fig.

Is your mouth watering right now? Did you miss the first food festival? Then keep an eye on the Facebook page, because there is a good chance that there will be a sequel!

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