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Updated: Feb 24

“Let’s do something about it” was wat the founders of Polderwarmte felt in 2018 when they thought about the consequences of climate change. Out of all the themes that play a role in the energy transition, founders Jarno, Youri and Mireille chose the theme “heating” for their specialization to act upon climate challenges. Much of the energy consumed in everyday life consists of energy used for heating and cooling. If a sustainable alternative can be made available for that energy demand, a major step will be taken to limit CO2 emissions, that threaten the world we live in.

Polderwarmte develops sustainable heat sources in energy hubs and the heat that is generated is supplied via district heating networks to companies in order to replace natural gaz.

Developing these kind of innovative and sustainable alternatives takes time, but 5 years after the start, the team of founders has expanded and initiatives have been developed on various locations in the Amsterdam metropolitan region. Polderwarmte has also joined the Dutch platform “Energie voor Elkaar” which ensures the transition from ambitious plans to actual, sustainable delivery of heat and cooling.

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