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Suitsupply tailor at the park

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

Exciting news! From now on menswear brand Suitsupply is offering Tailoring Service at our park, for the RichPort Community.

Our contact and well known tailor from Suitsupply “Frank van der Meer” can provide you custom made items such as suits, jackets, coats & shirts without leaving the park. He can be booked on Mondays by appointment at the Radisson Blu Hotel. Super convenient!

During your booked session he will take your measurements and give advice in fabrics, model and style in a private session. After 2-3 weeks the tailor made items will be ready for delivery to your office or home.

  • Suits from € 359.-

  • Jackets from € 229,-

  • Shirts from € 79,-

  • Coats from € 349,-

*prices including VAT and consult on location, payment upfront all cards accepted including suitsupply giftcards.

This is how you can shedule an appointment:

Contact and leave your contact as following:

  • Name:

  • Phone/Email

  • Prefrence date (only Mondays)

  • Intrested in?

  • Size indication ( Suit size or simply M,L,XL..)

Frank will respond within 48 hours to set up the appointment.

Hope you all will enjoy this service, for inspiration please visit and also see the PDF lookbook below.

Looks SS Frank van der Meer - Suitsupply
Download • 802KB

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