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An important facility that is currently being developed in RichPort is the option to connect your office building to the sustainable district heating network.

By connecting to the heat network, you as a company will use sustainable heat and eliminate the use of fossil fuels like natural gas. This is probably an "offer you can't refuse" because it's a quick, easy-to-make and fundamentally sustainable choice that improves your energy label and other certifications like Breeam, Leed, Well, etc.. 2023 will be the year of construction and the start of heat delivery. Without having to put in a lot of effort, as a service company you can significantly improve your own global footprint by connecting to the district heating network and who wouldn't want that. 

Did you receive an offer? Then hand it in quickly. Have you not received an offer yet? Then contact Polderwarmte, who is developing the sustainable heat network for us in RichPort.
Telephone : +31 23 556 31 25

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