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Updated: Feb 24, 2023

CKD’s core activities are development, manufacture, sale and export of automation machinery, drive components, pneumatic control components, pneumatic auxiliary components, and fluid control components. Today, our product lineups have tens of thousands of items, and we play an active role in a broad range of industrial fields.

Our cross-industrial lineups of automated machine systems include “systems for making lamps and bulbs” (inheriting CKD's founding tradition), “automatic packaging machines” (mainly for pharmaceuticals and foods), and “secondary battery manufacturing systems” and “solder paste inspection machines.” CKD’s pneumatic control components control the air flow used to drive control valves and cylinders including electro-pneumatic regulators and valves for open networks.

CKD is developing automated systems to meet a wide range of industrial needs, while incorporating “air pressure technology” to promote environmental protection and energy-savings from a practical viewpoint. CKD will continuously develop new products to meet the market’s exact needs as a pioneer of the pneumatic technology.

We work with 7 employees in The Netherlands and we also have offices in Germany, England and Czech Republic, that fall under CKD Europe BV.

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