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DC People

Updated: Feb 24, 2023

DC People* was founded in 2015 by a number of entrepreneurs with a background in securing, designing, building and managing data-centers. The common goal was to find the best talent in a niche market where skilled personnel is scarce. In recent years DC People has found and supplied many talented specialists to the data-center industry. DC People has been sailing its own course since 2018, and its many years of data-center experience has been embedded in the organisation.

The range of services is extensive and consists of staffing, recruitment and the delivery of teams on a project basis. DC People creates the connection between the best professionals and leading data-centers.

Mission & Vision: DC People creates value for its clients by utilizing its market knowledge, experience and network within the data-center landscape to find the right professionals. Because society will continue to digitalize in the coming years, data and network demand will continue to grow exponentially, as will its importance. That is why DC People has set itself the goal of providing the best and directly deployable workforce in this ever-growing market.

DC People is a specialized data-center company and consciously chooses a role of quality player. We are a company that is easy to do business with. Because of our background, we are the company to find and supply suitable personnel. For every data-center related project and always tailored to the requirements of the specific business case.

Everything DC People does relates to data-centers. A very selective hiring policy is applied and a lot is invested in personal development and involvement within the company. This corporate culture and size make the company particularly decisive. Since its foundation in 2015, DC People has focused on positioning themselves as a company with a strong appeal to the best specialists in the market.

* DC People is a trade name of DC Squad B.V.

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