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Updated: Feb 24

Every property, project or business park is unique and needs a clear vision of the future in order to maintain and increase its commercial value. To determine the correct route to achieve this, it is wise to call in help and make a plan together with our specialists.

Interglobe provides real estate management and management strategies for the preservation and enhancement of your real estate in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area and environs.

Together our employees and partners offer a diversity of specialties.

The Real Estate Management team focuses on managing buildings and business parks. You can think of secretarial and financial support, technical management, area management, service desk activities, but also support with subsidy applications and sustainability issues.

The Interglobe Advice and Consultancy team focuses on project management and transition projects of buildings and areas.

Our services: Park management

Building management

Owners Association Management

Advice and Consultancy

Start BIZ

Project management

Interglobe Beechavenue 2 1119 PT Schiphol-Rijk T: +31 (0)20 - 653 68 45 E:


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