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Lighthouse IP is a data company, active since 2008. We process all patents and trademarks published worldwide. In this way we have developed an unique data collection and we are a provider of the largest collection of Intellectual Property (IP) data in the world.

Worldwide we employ approximately 130 people, spread over 9 countries.

We make our data available under license to major publishers, who in turn offer all kinds of software / analysis products to their clients. The ultimate users of our data via the products of our customers are 1) R&D departments, 2) lawyers, 3) financial analysts.

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Visit RichPort.

RichPort is the southern part of the Schiphol-Rijk area. Conveniently situated near the A4 highway, bordering on Schiphol AirPort and Amsterdam. With several busstops in the park, a 10 minute commute to Schiphol and train station RichPort is within everyone's (daily) reach.


Beechavenue 2,
1119 PT Schiphol-Rijk



RichPort Community.

An active community needs a Community Management. That's why RichPort has a full time Community Manager who works around the clock to organise activities that bring the people in the park together. And that's me! Demi Nasser. Don't hesitate to contact me for any questions regarding park activities and facilities. For all Park Management related topics, please contact Tiffany Graf.

Demi Nasser

Community Manager

06 15 14 56 24

Tiffany Graf


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