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Updated: Feb 24, 2023

Since September 2019 Eldon is a part of nVent. The name of Eldon is replaced since April 2020 and we will continue under the name of nVent Hoffman. nVent Hoffman is a part of a global company nVent, headquartered in Minneapolis in the United States with in total around 10.000 employees. In the Netherlands we have a Sales office at Schiphol-Rijk and a warehouse in Drachten.

We are a manufacturer of industrial enclosures used in a lot of places. Think about factories, oil and gas industries, but also infrastructure like tunnels and airports such as Schiphol. When people ask, what does nVent Hoffman do exactly? I usually tell them nVent Hoffman is in the protection business, the enclosures protect the electrical components inside from the outside conditions, but also to protect the people from all the electricity inside.

At nVent we have six core values which we try to work by in every step of our daily work. Customer First, Absolute integrity, Respect and Teamwork, Accountability for performance, Positive Energy and as last Innovation and Adaptability. When working at nVent Hoffman, these values are important and can be felt in the culture and on the work floor.

So if you would need and industrial type enclosure for in a building, machine or infrastructure, just contact our Sales team or take a look at our website,

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