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With more than 179,000 dedicated employees, Veolia is the global market leader in circular solutions within the water, waste processing and energy sectors.

In the Netherlands, Veolia is widely active with over 700 employees in the field of sustainable reuse of materials (including plastic, paper, cardboard) into new products, innovative energy generation including distribution via heat networks and optimizing comfort within buildings. We provide comfort within buildings by performing sustainable maintenance on all building-related installations (complete HVAC, E-installations, M&R technology / building management systems, (fire) security installations, transport installations and much more. We monitor the energy efficiency in the buildings of our customers and our own technicians carry out the daily maintenance work and sustainability projects at the various buildings (offices, distribution centers, data centers, educational buildings, care institutions, etc.). Our office is situated at Tupolevlaan 69 in Schiphol-Rijk and we also have various branches in all provinces.

Perhaps you have seen our white service vehicles with the well-known Veolia logo driving?

Are you curious about how we reduce energy consumption in buildings and help our customers become more sustainable?

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