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Updated: Feb 24

Yenlo is WSO2’s only global Platinum partner with the world’s largest concentration of WSO2 experts across a network of seven offices in six countries.

Since its founding in 2007, Yenlo has grown to be leading and experienced partner of WSO2, and has won several WSO2 awards: ‘Best Partner of 2018’, ‘Most Certified Partner 2019’, ‘Top Partner of the year 2020 (Europe)’ and the ‘Integration Partner of the Year 2020’.

Yenlo believes that organizations must be flexible in order to become a digital agency that can optimize the relationship with their customers and introduce new services, products, and business models. Yenlo also believes that this flexibility – in technology, knowledge, and finance- can be realized by adopting an API-first and cloud-first strategy.

Yenlo brings agility to organizations by providing the best professional services based on their vast expertise. Our services vary from enterprise and solution architectures to software development, operational support; and WSO2 product support, training and certification programs. This is complemented by our pre-built Solution as a Service offerings, like our Connext service; a fully managed integration Platform as a Service. More information: and follow Yenlo on LinkedIn and Twitter or via Yenlo’s WSO2 Community.

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